They will help you to prepare a delicious garnish and save valuable time.
Ideal proportions for healthy and nutritive porridge.
Glazed, sweet, crunchy corn sticks of natural formula are excellent treat both for kids and adults!
Natural seasoning (salt and monosodium glutamate free) for those who take care of their health and nutrition
They will help you out in any situation and feed a family of several people, when you need swiftness, convenience and time saving are of undeniable value
They will emphasize the advantages of each dish and make even the most traditional and ordinary dishes special
A cup of hot soup is a perfect solution for a quick lunch or snack right at the workplace, because all you need for its preparation is a package of soup and boiling water
Perfect breakfast, which will give feeling of satiety and also energize and ensure great mood for the whole day
They will add strength and savor to any dish, giving it refined taste and unsurpassed flavor
Products that will ensure easy process of making desserts which will reliably result in successful pastry


Our brands

ЛидКонЛидские ПриправыTvitnikХрумстик

Time-tested quality

Open joint-stock company "Lida food concentrates" (Lidskiye pishchevye kontsentraty) possesses long-term experience in the production of foodstuffs, and it is a major manufacturer of concentrated soups and lunch dishes, seasonings and spices, fruit starch drinks and jelly and also breakfast cereals within the territory of the Republic of Belarus. 

Trademark "Lidkon" is a guarantee of highest quality level.
For many years the company has proved a reliable supplier of instant products.

JSC "Lidapishchekontsentraty" adheres to modern sales technologies, implying flexible price policy, controlled distribution, regular trade marketing activities. Convenient geographical location of the company, an additional warehouse in the Vitebsk region, its own vehicles, high performance equipment, the size of the production area allows us to offer favorable terms of cooperation.

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